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It’s time to change the way the world thinks about mouth health. For decades, we’ve been told that doing good for our mouths meant to kill bacteria, and in that battle, the strongest your toothpaste, the better. But our mouths deserve to be treated with a little more kindness. Seeing how delicate mouths are inspired us to design products to improve our microbiome and be kind to them, even in the most vulnerable conditions. Because we want to give your mouth the best possible care, to help you live a healthier and longer life.

Throughout our lives our microbiome develops and changes.  As adults, food, drink and lifestyle all take a toll. Illness can lead to ulcers or sores, pregnancy weakens gums, and ageing can give us a dry mouth. Your microbiome helps to protect your mouth, whatever it goes through.

A healthy mouth means a healthy body, and a longer, healthier life. Your mouth is the gateway to your body – literally. A healthy microbiome can boost your immune system, aid digestion and defend against disease. And an unhealthy mouth can lead to gum disease or gingivitis, increasing your risk of systemic health issues.

Zendium designed to nurture your mouth – not fight against it. Its unique formulation has a Prebiotic benefit, cultivating the greatest defence of your mouth: the microbiome. It is clinically proven to give you healthier gums and strong teeth. Zendium is kind by design with 0% SLS to respect the most delicate tissues in the mouth. You’ll feel it’s different, mild: strong taste, high foam aren’t needed for a toothpaste to be effective.


The Power of Kindness: Zendium x Wanderlust

Achieving balance does not need to be harsh to your body, turbulent for your mind, or extreme on your health. It can be kind and still be effective. It can set you on a different path, or it can be a small change to your daily routine. Either way, it should work with your body, not against it.

Sharing this same belief, Zendium and Wanderlust have partnered to guide and inspire you to feel stronger and healthier and achieve balance through the power of kindness. The power of kindness can be found in many small things that you can do every day, from a moment to practice mindfulness, adding an ingredient to your diet, or switching to products that respect your body.


The Zen Dome

Experiencing the power of kindness at the Wanderlust 108 London presented by Zendium. Zendium dedicated activation, ZenDome, will host expert speakers covering topics such as the world of microbiome, biohacking, health and nutrition, and exciting classes to relax and help you find balance through kindness.