Zachary Oliver Williams

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Zach Williams is a traveling surfer, dedicated friend, graphic designer and lover of life who can be caught skating around Venice Beach looking for a chicken burrito on any given day. Born and raised in the Heart of Dixie by his two legend grandparents, Zach is a super chilled out dude with a mind for the world and a heart for helping people. He started a mental health surf group in LA called One Wave Venice Beach which meets every Friday. Likes: bananas, fast motorcycles, tattoos, savasana, reggae music, good-hearted people, tropical places and honest talk. He is likely plotting a new expedition to some distant Indian Ocean island at this very moment. In fact, he is currently in Bali surfing/working/hanging with Balinese locals for the next few weeks/months etc. Zach is best known for his work as an old soul, quick traveler, best friend and Venice Beach hoodrat working as a force for good.

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