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We here at yoga:Vinyassa strive to spread the love of yoga! The Power Yoga taught here can be characterized by a focus on the dynamic connecting of yoga poses through breath in a controlled heated environment.

On a physical level, we work toward establishing flexibility, strength, and balance with the body. In addition, we hope to help students experience healing, detoxification, and exhilaration, allowing them to more effectively deal with their day to day lives.

While many types of yoga are currently practiced in a heated room, y:V distinguishes itself through a focus on creating a more intense full body workout in addition to the meditative advantages naturally created through the practice.

As a company, y:V honors and acknowledges the roots of yoga through creating and practicing flows comprised of traditional yoga postures, as well as acknowledging the traditional spirituality of yoga. Our hope is to be able to guide our students through their own individual physical and/or spiritual journey on the mat.