Yogaloha Hawaii

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How blessed are we to be able to call this beautiful paradise home? Hawaii provides the perfect setting for yoga, meditation, healing, and relaxation. Located just blocks away from the beautiful sunshine of Waikiki Beach, the feeling of paradise will inspire your practice at Yogaloha.

Aloha’s original meaning was “sharing of breath.” Breath, used in this context, is symbolic of the life force within each of you. The spirit of aloha can be extended to all realms of daily life; relationships (with others and with yourself), work, play, and, of course, yoga. Yogaloha’s goal is help incorporate aloha into the practice of yoga, which, in turn, will extend into your life off of the mat!

All levels are welcome to Yogaloha! Our classes range from relaxing and self reflective to sweaty and challenging. No matter where you are in your yoga practice, even if you are yet to take your first class, you will be taken care of at Yogaloha. Our experienced, friendly teachers watch each student with awareness to ensure correct alignment. This will guarantee that your yoga practice is one that will be sustainable for the rest of your life.

Yogaloha Hawaii offers yoga classes on a drop-in basis. Workshops, community events, and retreats are also offered for all skill levels. Allow the fresh air and beach vibes of Waikiki to lead you through your practice at Yogaloha! Yoga mats are provided for free.

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