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WE’AR what you wear when you’re having fun, being free + surprising yourself with your own amazingness.

Inspiring an authentic life of conscious choice + abundance, we are shining a light on individual beauty, stimulation and a passion for self-knowledge + adventure.

We make directional lifestyle pieces that are intelligently crafted in ethical community collaboration for you to define your sartorial style without compromising your higher principles.

The garments take an easy, utilitarian approach to urban living with function, comfort and movement, core to the design of every piece. Style is paramount with the deliberate use of tailoring and careful selection of luxurious fabrics. The off duty look is one of relaxed sophistication, telling the tale of innocent luxury revealed in natural textures, inviting you to feel light and radiant in your own skin.

The range is stylish yet practical with each piece carefully constructed as an intelligent separate that allows you to mix, match and layer accordingly.

Staying true to its urban yoga mantra, WE’AR continues to create pieces that take you readily from the mat to the street without compromising on style or the commitment to be as organic as possible.

WE’AR began as a twinkle in the eye of Waiheke Island based designer, Jyoti Morningstar in 2005. With a background in Yoga, Jyoti has fulfilled a need in the world for sumptuous lifestyle clothing that doesn’t cost the earth – both fiscally and ecologically.

Creating something that meets the needs of humans everywhere, a beautiful & functional product that is crafted in an ethical and sustainable way, with respect for the artisans,wearers and the world.

The WE’AR label has now become a business inspiration with an international reputationof well crafted, thoughtfully designed, consciously produced clothing that is both eye-catchingly good looking and caressingly comfortable to wear.

From a humble beginning of one store located in the CBD of Auckland, NZ, WE’AR now has 4 concept stores (two in our crafting home of Bali and two in our native land ofNZ), as well as an online store: www.we-ar.it and our recent addition ShopViva.

As one half of an island love story, WE’AR is crafted and distributed from the tropicalIsland of Bali, Indonesia, while the Waiheke Island, New Zealand half of the love story is home to both the founder herself and one of our concept stores.

WE’AR’s goal is to reach out to the wider community of the world by continuing to help in the development of the communities of our craftspeople, through our support of our chosen charities and by making our product more and more available to a wider audience.