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True Yoga had been in the making for years. I practiced yoga regularly since moving to Colorado in 2000 and even dabbled in my college years in the 90’s, but it was when I was searching for change in my life that yoga really took root in me. Some of my most inspirational yoga experiences came through dharma (short messages/lectures on yoga philosophy), which spoke directly to me. Emotions soared through me, and I felt connected to my life experience in ways I never had before. Yoga and these messages helped me move through life transitions more gracefully. Yoga had officially unlocked the infinite possibilities of my world.

Yoga is a metaphor for life, with all of its highs, lows, successes, and challenges. With the mind, body, heart, and breath, all is possible. Yoga helps me to visualize and work toward the best possible version of myself. Once I knew what to look for, I started seeing it everywhere… where to improve, expand, reflect, and grow. Our individual potential is limitless, and when we look at ourselves in the mirror, those infinite possibilities are all there. Yoga is taking what you believe and living it.

In time, I began to incorporate meditation and more education into my life, translating my yoga practice into a way of life. New possibilities presented themselves daily. I decided to take a yoga teacher training to deepen my own personal practice and see what happened. It was love! At that point, I started thinking about Evergreen and what a beautiful, amazing community we have here. My True Yoga vision began to crystallize with the support of my husband, Josh.

I wanted to create a studio in Evergreen that comes from the heart and welcomes practitioners of all levels; from the beginners to the experienced yoginis. All are welcome! True Yoga is now a full-service yoga studio with retail, full locker rooms and a beautiful naturally lit studio equipped for traditional and “hot” classes. I am committed to providing only the finest instructors and opportunities in order to meet the needs of all of our students, regardless of ability, and to navigate the journey to healing, opening and connecting what yoga offers. I do not see this as my studio, but as ours, something this community can grow together.

My vision became a reality in March of 2013. True Yoga – Where Heart and Body Connect.

With Love,

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