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Tropicana Probiotics
Tropicana has always had a deep tradition of innovation and is dedicated to launching products that play into the rapidly evolving health and wellness space. Hitting shelves nationwide in early 2017, Tropicana is thrilled to be the first to bring the functional benefits of probiotics to the mainstream consumer and Wanderlust attendees with all new Tropicana Probiotics. Available in three delicious flavors, Tropicana Probiotics delivers more than 1 billion live and active cultures to your gut, offering a tasty and convenient way to get more probiotics into your daily routine. From gut health-focused yoga flows to probiotic product sampling at Kula Marketplace, Tropicana Probiotics is inspiring yogis and wellness enthusiasts to believe in your gut. Yoga classes will explore the physical and emotional benefits of probiotics, taking you on a wellness journey that starts from within and empowers you to lead your best life.