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Did you know 44% of the bread produced in the UK is never consumed? Our mission is to change that.

We source surplus bread from bakeries and sandwich makers, using it to replace one-third of the virgin grain. We add only malted barley, hops, yeast and water. We contract brew with established brewers, leveraging their expertise to create unique, delicious beers. Our core range of beers are brewed by Wold Top Brewery in Yorkshire, one the UK’s most environmentally sustainable breweries, with surplus bread from Adelie Foods.

In 2017, we set up operations in the US based in New York, and launched with brewing partners in South Africa (Cape Town), Brazil (Rio) and Iceland (Reykjavik). We also collaborate with bakeries and breweries all over the world, and have published a homebrew recipe so households can join the rev-ALE-ution.

All our profits go to the environmental charity Feedback to end food waste. Global Toast teams also support local food charities including Soil For Life, Gastromotiva and Vakandi.