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Wanderlust-loving yogis can keep their sense of adventure going on their mats all around the world with The Travel Yogi.  For 8 years we’ve been offering the best yoga retreats and adventures the world over with groundbreaking locations, carefully curated itineraries and our amazing, travel-giddy teachers.
You can yoga-travel the world with us and strike a balance between culture-packed, nature-engaging, invigorating and energetic one-of-a-kind wellness adventures.  Join an adventure and experience the difference that our local guides, delicious eats and unique itineraries make.  And (bonus) get the expertise of our been-there-done-that office crew.
The Travel Yogi has pioneered taking yoga retreats out of their comfort zone and continues to change the way we look at traditional adventure travel destinations.  From our first-of-its-kind yoga adventure in the Galapagos Islands to our twist on the gorgeous South of France active weeks, we refuse to be confined to traditional yoga retreat locations or ideas.  Hop on a bike with us and yoga through a Portugal adventure or spot the Northern Lights on our exclusive Iceland adventures​.  No matter where we go we’ll help you reach that elusive mind-body-passport connection.
We’re here because we believe in the transformative power of yoga and travel to strengthen bodies and minds, but also to open hearts, teach, soften cultural differences and form incredible friendships and unforgettable memories.  Join us and find out #wherewillyogatakeyou?
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