The Laundress

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The Laundress will be offering a selection of eco-friendly detergent, fabric care, and home cleaning products that take excellent care of you, the things you love, and the environment.

We founded The Laundress New York Detergent and Fabric Care collection in 2004, because we were frustrated with dingy white T-shirts, faded denim, and prematurely worn pieces. The laundry products available in the marketplace left us unsatisfied and the only alternative, dry cleaning, left our clothes loaded with chemicals. Knowing our wardrobes were washable, we decided to research and develop our own laundry solutions—literally!

With our carefully crafted Laundress products, washing our clothing became a delight, made even more enjoyable with fantastic tools and storage options. However, we faced similar frustrations cleaning our homes and office. Unwilling to use toxic cleaners and fed up with inferior natural cleaning products, we decided it was time to, again, make our own. From dish detergent to window cleaner, our Home collection has proven tough on dirt yet safe for you, your home, and the environment.