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The Joyful Living Yoga Center is your home away from home, a supportive center created to be a channel for a deep connection with our community of mindful living.

The essence of Joyful Living offers a sanctuary from the busy current of the day, delivering the effect of a mini-retreat. It is a space where the shuffle of life dissolves into the present moment, uncovering a clear connection to the sanctuary within each of us. Our intention is to connect and support you to the joy of living, while offering a loving, supportive community (often referred to as “tribe”).

We offer a vast variety of options to explore for harmoniously aligning all levels of our being together; reconnecting to whatever brings you balance. Whether it is meditations, a social, supportive community, yoga, or even energy work, we offer it all here because we believe if something brings you to that open place of joy and harmony, then that is a link to maintaining a stronger connection with ourselves and the wonderful life that exists all around us…
And that is Yoga.

“May all who enter as guests, leave as friends…”💕❤️
This is my wish…❤️
This is the root reason for the studios birth…❤️

Yoga has so many gifts of connection,
and the greatest is the opening of the heart;
To freely exist with a magnetizing welcome of the life/love force of the universe.
To relax into oneself, when maybe we’ve been programmed to run and hide.
My wish is for all who enter as guests, to leave as friends…
To befriend the body…
To befriend our minds…
To befriend our undistracted presence,
and in turn,
Befriend the world and those around us.
May all who enter as guests, leave as friends ❤️💕
Hugs from 🦋Nicky, Owner & Creator of The Joyful Living Yoga Center

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