The Art of Yoga

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Sarah explores & believes in the powers of embodiment, silence & creativity as ways to source from within to find meaning and nourishment in our lives. Sharing yoga for Sarah, is about diving into her own embodied curiosities, studies & explorations and communicating them in the context of of an ancient art. It is about asking questions and unravelling into the sheer presence of these cells & this living nervous system.

For her, yoga is a living art.
A creative expression.
A cellular collage of experience.
A process which continually shows her the biases of perception, the edges of existence & reminds her to let go into infinity.

The longer she is on this life journey, the more she trusts, and when she trusts this world, she remembers timelessly who ‘she’ is. In her life, she finds herself landing again and again in the moment where she is; and meeting herself & others from that place.

Sarah has been sharing mindful yoga classes, private sessions & retreats for over a decade. As a yoga teacher, an educator, and a counsellor, Sarah offers individual/group sessions, specializing in work with women, youth & children. She holds space for the healthy navigation of real-life issues such as empowerment, separation & divorce, grief, depression & learning difficulties.


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