Summer Timpke

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Summer Vawn is a high spirited yogi in her mid-20’s. She is enthusiastic about learning anything and everything of the holistic quality. More specifically, she practices and is learning Ayurvedic medicine, one of the world’s oldest healing systems dealing with the balance of Mind, Body, and Spirit. She is a Bachelor’s graduate of Psychology eventually planning to further her education and conjoin these two passions of hers and become an Ayurvedic practitioner focused on mental health and yoga. For now, she works from home selling her handmade crystal wrapped jewelry, yoni steam packages and one of a kind paintings. She also is available for private yoga sessions, guided meditations, essential oil massage therapy and full/new moon gatherings located in Clearwater Beach, Florida. Generally, she likes to meet on the beach for these sessions so for more specific information or questions feel free to contact her directly through her personal Instagram or her jewelry Instagram.

With nothing but pure Love, Light and Gratitude, she thanks, each of you for any support given <3 Namaste

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