Stefany Ting

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Stefany is an avid traveler who loves spending time exploring nature and practicing yoga. She loves meaningfully connecting with everyone around her and sharing in people’s experiences and joys. Stefany enjoys sharing in circles and is passionate about uplifting others.

When she is not traveling, you can find Stefany spending time learning about holistic healing, astronomy, playing drums, dancing, painting, crafting and avidly practicing yoga. Recently, Stefany has been studying different philosophies on mindfulness and meditation, specifically focusing on the link between consciousness, the mind, the breath and the heart. Adventure is something that she loves practicing through various types of yoga such as acro yoga, SUP Yoga, aerial yoga but also through her traveling adventures such as hiking glaciers and skydiving. Stefany is currently completing her Yoga Teacher Training at a local studio in Toronto. Stefany strongly believes in treating each moment of each and every day as a pivotal moment.


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