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Steaz, the nation’s top selling organic and fair trade green-tea based beverage company, is pleased to bring its ‘Mind, Body & Soul’ tour to Wanderlust 108. Stop by the Steaz booth to enjoy flavorful refreshments and inspirational activities that we’ve curated to nourish your mind, body and soul. Visit our Cactus of Wisdom to receive your own mindful mantra; sample our iced green teas, natural energy drinks, and cactus waters to get some good-for-your-body hydration; and try your hand at our prize wheel for soulfully-inspired gifts. Snap a pic with our #SteaztheDay selfie frames and tag us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter for the chance to win even more Steaz swag and partner-curated prizes.

Steaz offers three healthy and delicious product lines – iced green tea, energy drinks and cactus water. Our Iced Green Tea – good for the mind, body & soul, is the cornerstone of our beverage portfolio, offering something for every customer with its range of versions and flavors. Our Iced Green Tea comes in three delicious varieties – lightly sweetened, unsweetened and zero calorie – each available in a wide selection of both classic and innovative flavor combinations. Steaz Cactus Water offers hydration for the mind, body & soul. It’s an organic beverage that combines the juice from the fruit of the prickly pear cactus with green tea and natural flavors. It features functional ingredients that naturally contain vitamins and antioxidants, reduce inflammation and are ultra-hydrating. Steaz Energy provides fuel for the mind, body & soul. Our energy drinks are organic and made with ingredients that provide a clean, great tasting energy boost . No matter which you choose, all Steaz beverages are made with the highest-quality ingredients, responsibly sourced through trusted partners around the world.