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Think seriously great booze with a social conscience – the refreshing taste of a better future.

Powered by a team of young women based in Adelaide, The Sparkke Change Beverage Company is a progressive social enterprise raising awareness and funds for important social issues through beers, ciders and wine – the great conversation starters of our generation. We’re bringing a social agenda to real conversations – the ones with friends, family, lovers; at parties, social events, political functions, at home or at festivals! We put our money where our mouth is, with 10% of our sales revenue directly supporting organisations doing important work on each social issue. We’re sharers, dreamers and makers. We invite the world to join in and we open our arms to all those who believe in good.

Inclusion, social equity and environmental sustainability are at the core of all our business practices and decisions. Our beverages are made from local, fresh, all-natural ingredients, and are often Vegan and/or Gluten Free. We don’t use nasties like sulphur, concentrate and preservatives in our drinks, and are proud to be a tinnies-only company.

Our current range includes:

‘Nipples are Nipples’ Hard Lemonade with fresh SA citrus and the finest Champagne yeast. Supports gender equality.

‘Consent Can’t Come After You Do’ Apple Cider made entirely from freshly crushed Adelaide Hills apples. Pushes for a positive culture of sexual consent.

‘Boundless Plains To Share’ Alcoholic Ginger Beer with real Buderim ginger root, SA lime juice and orange blossom honey. Campaigns for the rights of asylum seekers and refugees.

‘Change The Date’ Pilsner, dry-hopped with a fruity bouquet and Australian-grown malt. Campaigns to Change the date of Australia Day.

‘What’s Planet B?’ New England Pale Ale, a juicy, hazy, fruity ale. Supports the fight against climate change.

‘Say I Do’ White Wine Bubbles – a stylistically fruit-driven bubbles in a can with a refreshing lemon sherbet acidity. Supports marriage equality in Australia.