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The ubiquitous complaints of our times are all to do with time, and the lack of it.

“I’m too busy.”
“I can’t believe the year’s almost over.”
“Time seems to be speeding up.”

Why has a lack of time, a sense of life racing by, of having too much on our plates, become the pervading theme of our age? Progress was meant to be about saving time – labor saving devices freeing us from the shackles of menial labour, greater efficiencies in the home and workplace, faster transport, more instantaneous communications. The great irony is in the race to save time we have generated a whirlwind in which we are now all enmeshed. How often do we hear people wishing to get off the merry-go-round?

Slow Living Magazine aspires to offer the reader real, practical, tangible ways to claim back time in their lives – fun, varied and inspiring strategies big and small for a saner and gentler paced lifestyle. Whether it’s a simple slow-cooked recipe for a luxuriously long family lunch or an entire paradigm shift in lifestyle, Slow Living Magazine provides inspiring and tangible case studies in how to live a more leisurely and enriching life.

Mindfulness is the buzzword in so many areas of modern life – whether in the study of neuroscience or the western embrace of eastern practices of meditation, yoga, and the healing arts. Mindfulness is simply the art of living fully in the present moment and when we practice this, each moment becomes expansive and full of possibilities. New medical research shows we actually age better, live longer and healthier lives when we live in the moment – not casting ahead to our next task or mulling over our last.

Modern western culture seems to celebrate busy-ness, multi-tasking, bulging email in-boxes and micro-scheduled work days. Slow Living Magazine stands in quiet protest of this debilitating trend and in defense of the simple wisdom that good things take time.