Sara “Zavy” Zavik

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Sara, originally from Virginia, USA, competed as an artistic gymnast for 12 years until a knee injury forced her to retire. She initially practiced Yoga as an alternative therapy for her injury, a way to focus her physical energy, and keep up her strength & flexibility. Since then, her practice transformed and deepened, leading her to do her Teacher Training in Bali, 2013. Additionally, she has participated in trainings and workshops with internationally renown teachers like Simon Borg-Olivier, Melbourne’s own Jenni Morrison- Jack and yearly travels to India for intensive training and self development.

She shares her experience in Melbourne, teaching at Yoga Flame, Ihana Yoga, Updog Yoga, KX Yoga and Rise Yoga, along with teaching corporate classes in the CBD. Sara’s classes are infused with an intricate combination of static and dynamic movement, creating a beautiful fusion flow allowing the body to open gently, giving time to assimilate to the new space created within the body and mind. She focuses on letting go of strict alignment rules, breaking habitual patterns, core work and breathing techniques while sprinkling in yoga philosophy.

Sara believes that practicing yoga organically brings change to oneself, physically, energetically, emotionally, and mentally… every day presents new challenges and yoga provides a platform to work through these challenges in our day to day life. Sara also teaches SUP and SUP Yoga in St. Kilda during Melbourne’s summer, loves traveling & scuba diving around the world, and enjoys experimenting with brewing her very own “Good Guts” Kombucha. She has over this past year recently started up adult gymnastics again, you can check out her flips on Instagram: @zavyzavyogini.