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A daily breath of fresh air
Breathe through it all with Salinex®. Everyday.

The quality of your everyday breathing ultimately affects the quality of your experiences.
In line with the Wanderlust vision to lead you in finding your true north, Salinex® products empower a daily ritual that helps maintain healthy sinuses by promoting drainage. Take a deep breath before
facing the little challenges of your everyday life!

Canadians have had confidence in the Salinex® brand for decades.
One of the first nasal spray brands introduced in the country, Salinex® promotes nasal health by offering products that hydrate, cleanse and help maintain healthy sinuses. When needed, Salinex® also helps to clear stuffy and congested noses and helps reduce the symptoms associated with colds and allergic rhinitis.

+ Salinex® seawater product line is 100% natural
+ Non-medicated
+ Designed for daily use to help maintain healthy sinuses by promoting drainage.
+ Isotonic solution, balanced for the human body,
+ Ready for use right out of the box

Commit to better, everyday breathing through daily nasal cleansing with Salinex®.