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Rise Yoga began bringing yoga to the Wallingford community in January 2017. Founder Kelsey Sperl, a Wallingford native, kept feeling pulled to teach in the area. When she had the opportunity to rent out space in a local gym, she knew this was the universe telling her to go for it.

In those first six months, Kelsey was consistently blown away by how many people were showing up. It was telling in and of itself how much this town needed the time and space to slow down and reconnect with themselves…mind, body, and spirit.

After just a half of a year, she knew it was time to go all in. The community that was evolving wanted more classes, more options, more teachers, more yoga!

Her vision was always to create a tranquil, peaceful space for this community. A space where upon opening the door one feels as though they just took a big deep breath. A place to de-stress, to learn, to simply just be with yourself. Kelsey made that vision come to life when she decided to move Rise Yoga to its own stand-alone space at 220 North Colony Road. With this new space, her vision is to bring yoga to as many people as possible so that it may positively influence the lives in this community.

Whether you’ve never rolled out a yoga mat before or you do a few times a week, we invite you to roll it out with us. Rise Yoga offers Vinyasa as well as gentle classes that welcome all levels of practitioners. You can expect a well-rounded physical practice that will challenge you and also relax you. Every class begins and ends with taking a few minutes to quiet and clear the mind. Our hope is that you leave feeling calmer, lighter, happier, and overall rejuvenated.

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