Red Brick Yoga

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At Red Brick Yoga, they are passionate about their yoga journey and want to share their love for yoga with everyone who shows up on the mat. They know firsthand, the amazing benefits yoga can have on health and happiness, especially at one of their infrared-heated studios.

Red Brick Yoga focuses on connecting breath to movement, building a basic yoga foundation for all students, and encourages each person to practice to their edge. Everyone is on their own journey and whether the goal is self-actualization, fitness, or merely showing up to the mat, all yogis are welcome to enjoy a broad and unique class offering. Students are empowered to connect to their foundation, while they continue to build and grow within their practice. They are supported in leading a healthy lifestyle, with the goal of feeling the best they can, in their bodies.

Whether you’ve never stepped foot on a yoga mat or you’re a natural born yogi, all are welcome at Red Brick Yoga! Join them, leave your busy life outside the door, and just breathe and connect to your foundation.


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