Rebecca Schulman

Rebecca Larisa Schulman, AS in Holistic Health, HHP, CAMTC, RYT
is a California native who grew up moving around the Western United States. As a young adult she continued her gypsy lifestyle throughout the Southern US and Europe, returning to live permanently in San Diego in 1999.

She has always had a deeply imbedded sense of curiosity about the individual experience and humanity as a collective. Often asking those she meets about their deepest motivations and dreams. Always high energy, active, and athletic, traditional collegiate schooling was a challenge as an adult. After 12 plus years in the service industry, Rebecca discovered the International Professional School of Bodywork and knew that was the place to discover the tools needed to explore her life’s calling: holistic massage and bodywork. Rebecca has had a thriving private practice in Pacific Beach since 2005 and completed her Teacher Training Certification in 2007.

Teaching has now become another passion and exploration of human consciousness. At IPSB College she was the Primary teacher in the Introduction to Sports Massage, led in the 120 hour Essentials of Massage and Bodywork and assisted in Table Thai and Sensory Repatterning. With over 1600 hours of training, she has studied Somatic Bodywork extensively with Masters of Structural Integration/Rolfing, Sensory Repatterning, and Relational Somatics. Rebecca completed a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2013 and joyfully recognizes the parallel process that movement has with healing in the body. In her own words :

“ I believe that we have the ultimate potential to create the life of our dreams and we are only limited by the scope of our own imaginations. To access this voice inside that drives us and motivates our passions, we must give a quiet, undistracted space and audience to our thoughts and feelings. One way to recognize our deepest desires is through bodywork. By listening to what feels good to our bodies, we can learn to acknowledge and let go of negative or unfulfilling patterns, either in the way we move ourselves through the world, or in the lifestyle choices we make.”

Since 2005 Rebecca has worked with pre-natal clients to end of life care and everyone in between. She has worked with several families over the years and cherishes her place as a trusted confidant. In her free time Rebecca is an avid surfer and traveler, loves playing with her dog, singing and practicing on her guitar. She also supports her favorite non-profits: Surfrider Foundation and Urban Surf for Kidz.

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