Providence Apothecary & Holistic Center

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Providence Apothecary and Holistic Center is a resource for those seeking a more natural and personal alternative for health care. We specialize in providing natural medicines and holistic and educational services that help you find and treat the root cause of health issues. We believe that great health starts with personal attention and access to high quality products and services. We offer natural and alternative medicines, consultations, therapeutic massage, acupuncture, yoga, educational classes and workshops.

At Providence, we believe that good health is far more than a handful of pills, more than the lack of disease, and more than enslaving yourself to a workout routine. We believe that good health is a satisfying, ongoing, eternally changing pursuit that requires personal attention and access to quality products. Providence offers all of these, through a variety of venues. We have herbalists to help you find more natural compliments or alternatives to pharmaceuticals, massage therapists and acupuncturists to heal the body from the outside in, yoga classes to strengthen the mind and body, and a variety of classes and workshops to inform and educate.

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