Power Living

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Welcome to our inspiring P.L.A.Y community! We are very excited to share all of our facilities, teachings and experience with you in creating a modern day yoga practice that will enrich your life like it has ours.

Our eight studios across Sydney, Melbourne and Perth are all one family and you will experience the same warmth at all schools each time you walk through our doors. Our studios are a haven away from the hustle and bustle of life when you can go and relax, train hard, connect with people and bring balance back to your life. The P.L.A.Y experience gives you the space and guidance to develop a deeper level of self-awareness, that when applied to your life creates positive transformation!

Our teachers are all highly trained and passionate facilitators. Our basic classes are great for you to discover alignment techniques, tips on how to practice and a chance to ask questions in workshop setting at the beginning of the class. As you progress to the more experienced practices, power vinyasa and align you will experience a powerful flowing practice that will challenge you on many levels. Our Yin/Revive classes are great for a slower pace and deeper and longer poses and essential for a complete balanced practice.

Take your time and enjoy the experience. If you have any questions ask any of our crew and they will be happy to help. Take care of yourself in the practice, rest whenever you need and design the practice to suit you. Listen to the teachers the will give you great cues to keep your practice safe and powerful and always have a lot of fun along the way.

Once again thank you for joining in our inspiring community and we look forward to hearing about your personal journey.