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Say hello to PERKii.
We’re PROBIOTICS like you’ve never experienced before.
Firstly; we’re a lactose-free and low calorie drink with awesome natural fruit flavours. A great taste for anytime of the day.

But our secret sauce is our armour-plated probiotics. Or more specifically: Progel™ coated., That’s right – we’ve given our probiotic friends a special microgel coating that gives them special survival capabilities through the stomach. So unlike other commercial probiotic products, you get MORE live and working probiotics to your intestine where you need them!

All of which adds up to a better balanced drink and a better balanced you. So don’t delay, start living PERKii today.

Want to know more about Progel™ Technology?
Progel™ was developed by by scientist Bhesh Bhandari and our geeky friends at The University of Queensland in Brisbane for all sorts of goodness. For PERKii, Progel™ protects by encapsulating our probiotics with tiny (micro stuff) natural beads called Microgels. If you want to know a little more about the team and their sciency goodness, visit Progel™ and take a look around.