Patrick Broome Yoga

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We are teaching Yoga as an instrument to experience yourself als relaxed, strong and whole – entirely free of dogma.

The three Patrick Broome Yoga Studios are holistic centres of health and well-being.

As teachers we are united in the wish to affect others positively on the physical, mental and emotional level – free of dogma and religion. Therefore we teach yoga as a powerful tool to experience yourself als relaxed, strong and whole amidst the business of everyday life. Yoga is not just a way to tune in, but also an inspiration for all of those of you who wish to achieve something in life.

Our team of teachers represents the best that yoga has to offer in Munich. As a team, we share the same understanding of yoga: an open and loving attitude towards life and the world that we live in. We celebrate the differences and teach yoga based on many traditions. Mindful and dynamic yoga, functional training, Thai massage and bodywork, as well as music and meditation.

No matter your experience of yoga – everybody is welcome!