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At organicgirl, we love organic greens. We love to eat, drink and dress them. We’re constantly challenging ourselves to create fresh ideas for great tasting products that we know you’ll love. In 2007, we created a line of good clean greens made with premium quality and unbelievable taste. These nutritious greens deserved an equally nutritious, tasty fresh dressing, so we made one! In 2013, we created a line of fresh dressings called salad love. And as a fresh greens company obsessed with all things green, of course we believe greens should be the hero of juice! So in 2015, we created a greens juice that actually tastes good without fruit as the first ingredient. Welcome to organicgirl. We promise you’ll be smitten.

At Wanderlust, stop by organicgirl’s table for a greens juice boost, and sample the new lineup of ‘more greens, less fruit’ juices – now available at Bay Area Whole Foods stores.