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“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”, said perhaps one of the wisest men to walk this Earth – Hippocrates.

These days, in a society where food is becoming not much more of an after-thought to our busy work orientated lifestyles, almost 1 in every 3 people will come face to face with a Cancer diagnosis.

As a society we are at a point where we all know someone who has suffered from cancer, and for us, it was one person in particular that completely revolutionized our understanding of the topic, and left a huge impact and legacy in our lives.

10 years ago, upon being diagnosed (Multiple Myeloma Cancer), Mike Corliss (Nick & Jases Dad – and close friend to Graedon) traveled to some of the top medical treatment facilities in the world, seeking to reverse his condition. Among which was the Sanoviv Medical Institute in California and The Gawler Foundation in Australia.

At these places he visited a range of holistic doctors, combining the effectiveness and knowledge of both western and eastern medicine techniques, leading Mike to quickly realize that food & lifestyle was much more than what he had previously been led to believe, being most definitely a form of preventative medicine.

Deeper into this journey he realized a simple truth about cancer; the best way to prevent and to have any chance of beating it, was to completely take control and assume full responsibility of one’s diet and lifestyle in order to prevent it from ever occurring in the first place. After this epiphany, he sought to radically change his life.

He resigned as the CEO of a large company he’d built from the ground up, and began meditating three times a day. He invested in a wheatgrass juicer and blender. He then started a small wholesale organics business importing and distributing organic food, with the goal of making this food (untainted with harmful chemicals and toxic preservatives) more accessible to those in need.

His small business went on to grow, and change many people’s lives, all whilst drastically improving his own quality of life, extending it far beyond what doctors had previously imagined.

Watching him go through this journey as young boys inspired us to implement the diet & lifestyle changes into our own lives, and from the daily green smoothies and wheatgrass shots, to the 15 minutes a day of meditation, we started to notice a massive change in our energy levels, overall health, and general state of consciousness and awareness of the universe around us.

During that time, one of the most important lessons we learnt, was to take full responsibility of what goes into our bodies, our minds and what practices we support with our purchases.

As we have learned and grown on our own journeys, we decided that this simple age old knowledge and way of life had to be shared with the general public, and from this, Organic Mechanic was born. A humble market set up, you can find us at the La Cigale French Markets in Parnell every Saturday and Sunday, where we will be blending up the worlds finest organic superfood smoothies (and optional free hugs).

One smoothie at a time, we are on a mission to inspire and empower New Zealanders to realize the age old truth – food is medicine.