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combining forms
1.All; of all things: ‘omniscient’, ‘omnifarious’
1.1. In all ways or places: ‘omnicompetent’, omnipresent’

Welcome to South Lake Tahoe’s newest fitness space, located in the Crossings at Tahoe Valley, at the ” Y “. We offer an array of classes and a place for all to work on mind, body and spirit. Classes include Hot Yoga Flow, Slow flow, Ballet Barre Fusion, Spin Me Right Round (a spinning pole class), Booty Sculpt Hip Hop, and Zumba.

Omni provides South Lake with the only infrared heated yoga studio. Our guests will enjoy the many health benefits along with the environmental efficiency of our heating system.. Unlike conventional heat, infrared heating directly heats the object (YOU!) rather than warming the air around you. This allows the heat to settle in the entire space, making the heat more tolerable along with a cold-spot-free environment.

To help counteract our time spent indoors, Omni Tahoe offers our guests the privilege of clean, circulated, fresh air to help soothe, calm, and relax. Beyond Guardian Air by Aerus, combines world-class NASA-inspired technologies with innovative design in order to establish extraordinary healthy living environments. So, go ahead…..breathe…relax….pose…and know that just by walking through OMNI Tahoe’s doors, you’re one step closer to a healthy lifestyle.

We are here to keep the mind Positive and Inspired, the body healthy and moving and the spirit wild..