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We (Dina and FLor) created NINTAANZI to promote economic independence in underserved artisan communities while celebrating creativity, culture, and heritage from our native Peru. Our first collection was born in the Peruvian Amazon, known for its beauty, mysticism, and its warm people, in collaboration with The Ashaninka Artisan women community. Nowadays, NINTAANZI collaborates with more artisan communities in different regions of Peru.
NINTAANZI, which means LOVE in the Ashaninka language, is our mystical expression to our love and respect to nature, people and positive thinking coming in the form of unique, timeless, and versatile pieces for you to enjoy, treasure, and share. By purchasing NINTAANZI you are directly supporting artisans, ancient traditions and sustainable development.

Here at NINTAANZI, we passionately believe in keeping the highest social, environmental, and ethical standards while making alliances with other artisan communities and partners that share the same beliefs. Today, thanks to the love of our friends and clients around the world, NINTAANZI is blooming.

We invite you to be part of our vision. To celebrate uniqueness. To connect. To share the love. To share NINTAANZI.