Naked Turtle White Rum

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Aloha from The Naked Rum Company!

The Naked Turtle White Rum is made with the finest sugarcane molasses and distilled five times using the pristine waters of the Virgin Islands. We’re gluten-free and never touch the inside of an oak barrel, which is why we’re “naked” and seriously delicious – over ice or in your favorite cocktail. We also partner with the Sea Turtle Conservancy, which is the world’s oldest sea turtle research and conservation group. They say sea turtles are one of the best ways to gauge the health of the world’s ecosystems, so we think that’s pretty important.

Share a Photo, Save a Turtle

Come visit us at Kula Market on Friday and Saturday night, where you can learn more about how we work with the Sea Turtle Conservancy to protect our shellbacked friends. For every photo you share using #DrinkNaked, we’ll donate money to save a sea turtle hatchling. Don’t forget to stop by the bar to try a delicious Naked Turtle cocktail, best served with a side of sunshine.

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