The Moving TAO Center

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The Moving TAO Center is Tahoe’s premier mindful fitness, spiritually and wellness boutique. The Moving TAO Center, in partnership with Tahoe Perfect Workout and Happy Cycling Studio is INSPIRED BY OUR COMMUNITY.

Our team offers a wide range of mindful fitness classes, including Pilates Reformers, Barre, Yoga and Cycling, focusing not only on physical strength, but on the whole being. Mind, body and soul are all addressed in these powerful, deep, and strengthening classes.

Moving TAO offers classes to support your emotional resilience and overall wellbeing. Find balance with health, diet, and lifestyle through health coaching and nutrition. Learn about your deep being through intuitive readings. Learn deep meditation practices to experience peace and expansiveness.

The primary intention of the Moving TAO Center is to create a safe, powerful, supportive, connected, fun, empowered community. The center offers events with music, art, lectures, retreats, dancing, and so much more, all designed to connect the community on all levels.

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