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At MOJOCO, our wish is to help you make your intimate time as special and enjoyable as possible. In short, we are here to help you get in touch with your inner mojo.

Finding our MOJO

We are a regular Australian couple and after the birth of our second child, we felt the need to revitalise our relationship. Time alone together became even more precious and we realised the need to make every intimate moment count. We were surprised by the lack of tasteful sexual wellness stores and decided to create our own luxurious, high quality offering.

Finding your MOJO

Enhancing your sexual wellness will improve your overall wellbeing, happiness and relationships. We want every one of you to feel good within yourself, understand your capabilities and feel proud to own your personal sexual experience. At MOJOCO, we believe experimentation and open communication about what feels good for you and your partner is key. We’ve hand selected the finest products from the brands we love to help you take your connection to the next level with style.