Mind Body Movement

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By Amy L. Green, Owner

Since 2013, I had been renting space at various places in the Ohope/Whakatane area (former brand name immayogi), and I always thought that running a studio was a dream…a “one day” kind of thing that might happen WAY down the line. After all, I had no money, no business experience and no idea how to actually start it! The logistics of it all seemed daunting and I just felt like I was happy doing what I was doing, helping people in a more “community-oriented” kind of way, not really ‘going for it’, but doing what I loved, at least.

In May of 2016, the main venue I was renting from informed me that they would be raising my rent. After getting over my initial *ahem* ‘frustrated’ reaction, I saw it for what it was…
It was the universe telling me to get off my bum, stop dragging my feet and really go for what I wanted in life – running my own Yoga & Pilates Studio!

I got serious about looking for a space of my own where I could have everything under one roof and run as many classes, workshops and group gatherings as I liked.

It took a long time, a lot of patience and I really had to ‘adult’ a lot more than I was used to or liked… lawyers, contracts, business loans, big decisions – none of it was even close to the BORDER of my comfort zone, but I had a vision in mind of bringing that community feeling to a new space, so I just held onto that vision and had faith that whatever obstacles came up, I could handle it – with growth and (hopefully) with grace.

During the renovations of the space (which were all done by my partner and I and a few, very loving friends), some blood, sweat and tears flowed but I’m so happy with the studio space we have created.
Mind Body Movement is a place for anyone looking to have a different experience – a MIND/BODY experience.

All fitness levels welcome – we’ll always make sure you feel safe & supported in your pose. Our focus is on modern yoga, leading you through the practice in a sustainable way (after all, yoga makes us feel so good, we want to keep doing it, right?), yet still honouring the essence of the tradition. Come move and breathe with us in Whakatane.