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Chelsea is the founder and owner of Meadowsweet Yoga & Wellness in Kimberley B.C.
She grew up playing in the mountains of the Kootenays and fell in love with the world of Yoga and natural medicine years ago, when she first attended school for massage & bodywork in Vancouver.

Since then it has been an amazing journey of travel, schooling, failures, success, learning and the building of a business created from all of her passions. Including yoga, holistic nutrition, herbalism, massage, and photography.
Yoga has been a form of healing for her since she was 19, helping her to grapple with grief in a time where it felt there was nowhere else to turn. Sharing her love for yoga has now become a part of her daily life at Meadowsweet. She is still in awe sometimes at how her life has turned out, and how her passions have become her career and community.


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