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Sampling on-site:
• Classic Almond Butter Packets
o MaraNatha selects only the finest California almonds, roasts them to perfection and grinds them to velvety smoothness. The process creates delicious, creamy nut butter with a rich, spreadable texture that can be enjoyed right from the jar with no need to stir. Also available in Chunky.

• Organic Peanut Butter Packets
o MaraNatha selects the finest certified USDA organic peanuts, roasts them to perfection and double-grinds them to a smooth, velvety texture, creating a rich and creamy peanut butter that is certified organic. Also available in Chunky.

Brand Description:
• MaraNatha® is one of America’s largest producers of natural and organic nut butters., specializing in crafting delicious peanut butter and velvety smooth almond butter, including organic and flavored options for both. Born of the purest ingredients – with no trans fats, hydrogenated oils or preservatives – its wholesome nut butters are the perfect choice for nut-lovers.