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Show yourself some love today at the Lycored “Letters of Love” writing station to reflect and identify the things you like the most about you. Lycored encourages you to let your beauty shine from the inside, out by writing a letter to yourself, and when you least expect it your letter will come back to you as a reminder how special you are to you. Lycored has set out to redefine beauty as a feeling that starts from within and change the perception of ingestible skincare inspiring us to #rethinkbeautiful and love ourselves first.

As a leader of skin health and wellness research and development of exclusive whole plant-based, supplement-ready blends, Lycored is dedicated to studying all carotenoids, uncovering their most valuable properties, and bringing their incredible nutrition to the world. Lycored has spent over two decades studying nature’s nutrient-filled ingredients, developing innovative techniques to amplify their potency and delivery to you. Nature is our greatest inspiration, and science is our most important ally. More than a manufacturer of ingredients, Lycored is committed to Cultivating Wellness.

Photo Credit: Ben Droz