Luvo Inc.

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Luvo is a revolutionary frozen food company that offers great tasting, nutritionally-dense fare made from the highest-quality ingredients. The company seeks to change the way North America eats by removing the big barriers to eating well—the time and financial cost of shopping, prepping, and cooking bland or boring meals from scratch. With Luvo, consumers get to skip those hassles and discover the best combination of nutritious, bold-flavored dishes—all in a convenient format, at an affordable price, and in a wide range of options (including vegan, vegetarian and meat and poultry offerings.)

Luvo’s great taste comes from creative combinations of herbs and spices, rather than excessive levels of sodium and sugar. Instead, you’ll find plenty of produce that provides vitamins and minerals. Luvo does that by flash freezing food using advanced technology, capturing fruits and vegetables when they are at their freshest. When produce is shipped or stored at your grocery store or in your fridge, the nutrients deteriorate. Flash freezing is nature’s pause button, meaning that the vitamins and minerals from the produce are preserved—it’s as if the bounty of fruits and veggies were just picked from the farm.

The unmatched value is in our secret formula that promises:
• Great-tasting globally-inspired meals
• Frozen-fresh produce
• Fewer than 500 calories per entrée
• Fewer than 500 grams of sodium per entrée
• No trans fats
• No artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners
• No GMO corn, soy, or oil
• Meats sourced from animals raised without antibiotics or hormones
• Antibiotic -free poultry (beyond the FDA standard of hormone-free poultry)
• rBST-free dairy
• Environmentally-friendly packaging and practices

Luvo was founded on a simple idea: people should love their food – how it tastes, how it encourages a healthier lifestyle, and how it supports a more sustainable planet.