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LUVI was founded in Amsterdam by Kate, the LUVI Yogi. An expat and former corporate lawyer, Kate is taking the fever of legal deal work and applying to it her passion for yoga and healthy, natural living. She originally fell in love with vinyasa yoga because of its dynamic flow, the invigorating sense of accomplishment it gave her to learn new things outside of her professional career and because yoga allowed her to have fun, everyday.

The LUVI Yoga studio opened on January 29, 2018. Overlooking the meeting place of two of Amsterdam’s historic canals, the studio was previously a Chinese games hall that has been completely refurbished, but has retained some traditional touches as a nod to its neighborhood and history. Within this exciting new space, we invite you to find your own practice. The signature LUVI Yoga style is romantic and strong. The LUVI Yoga teachers will lead you through a vinyasa flow, which varies in intensity and pace but is always centered on connecting breath and movement. Our LUVI Yin teachers will guide you to reconnect and unlock your meridians. Whether moving as if dancing a ballet or as empowered warriors, we bring together movement, music and a sense of strength.