Lucy Brooking

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Lucy is an adventurer of inner and outer landscapes, seeking inspiration from the natural abundance of existence, ancient practices, ceremony and stillness. She infuses this inspiration into offerings of yoga, circle facilitation, Cacao ceremony and creative practices.
Growing up with a humble small-town NZ country lifestyle, surrounded by beautiful beaches, farmland and horses Lucy was faced with a different reality when she moved into Auckland Ciy for University. This bought up challenges, adjustments and a series of events that lead her to yoga and the journey of becoming self-aware.
And a continuous journey that it is… a few years later Lucy has ventured through South America, lived in Bali, become a qualified yoga teacher, attended Vipassana Meditation, and worked closely with plant medicine. All of these contribute to her yearning to share all that she has gathered in an accessible, understandable and transformative way. Ultimately by creating and holding space for others to connect with their inner sacred seed and intuition – in turn igniting passion and inspiration.
It is her joy to be a student of life and wander beyond the boundaries of the self, and to explore all that there is in this world.