Louie DePasquale

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Louie DePasquale, RYT 200, took his first yoga class in 2013. It was hot and weird and wonderful and even though he didn’t quite know what he had just done for the previous 90 minutes – his body was buzzing and his mind was calm. He was captivated and hungry for more.

Yoga soon became a daily practice, as Louie found it to be an amazing counterbalance to his time spent behind a desk and his mind’s constant chatter. The more Louie practiced, the more he also noticed significant positive changes in his life off the mat. A desire grew within him to share these practices with others, so he signed up for a 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2016. Now a certified instructor, Louie quickly realized that his studentship had just begun.

When Louie teaches, his goal is to create a space for curiosity, where students can explore poses, breath, yogic philosophy and most importantly, themselves. His sequences are simple yet challenging, leaving time in each shape to discover the tiny physical adjustments and micro-movements that can make major differences. Louie’s love for yoga is matched only by his love for music, so expect a groove filled playlist to accompany his classes.

Louie views the yoga mat as a perfect playground to consider ideas, cultivate attributes and develop skills that will foster growth in a person’s life both on and off the mat.


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