Lizzie Aguirre

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Lizzie is grateful to have been inspired by yoga since her teen years. Before finding her practice she was moving through a difficult transition around body image, anxiety and depression. Yoga was a deeply moving process for her that helped lead her to her light as a yoga teacher. When she was 17 she moved to Austin feeling empowered, enlightened and transformed. She enrolled in the Wanderlust 200 hour RYT led by Gioconda and other strong influences in the Wanderlust community and has been teaching ever since. Currently she is deeply indulged in several 300 hour Advanced trainings with various teachers such as Schuyler Grant, Noah Maze, Ana Forrest, Gioconda Parker, Christina Sell, Kate Waitzkin, and Leah Cullis. Her sequencing is intuitively creative and her flows are formed to inspire, uplift, empower, and transform you and your practice. Her playlists are mindfully arranged and influenced by her immense performance arts background of voice and dance. She hopes to hold space for those who come to her class whether it is to sweat, laugh or move. Most of all she wants to create the same energy her teachers did for her when she needed it most.


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