Little Bird Organics

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Megan May, chef and founder of Little Bird Organics, the award winning Unbakery cafes and author of best-selling cookbook The Unbakery turned her passion for organic farming, environmental science, good food, and years of struggling with food allergies and chronic fatigue into a thriving organic and plant-based food business.

Credited as being one of the leading pioneers in the clean eating movement in New Zealand, Megan began her business at a time when there was no concept of sprouted cereal or raw gluten free crackers. Through years of hard work and self-belief, she turned her tiny little garage operation selling products at local farmers markets into a successful business stocking over 180 retailers nationwide, with plans to expand into South East Asia and Australia. In addition to this, Megan is the brain-child behind The Unbakery Cafes, with 3 locations throughout Auckland, has authored a best-selling cookbook and most recently recipe App, and is currently working on book number two.

Through years of suffering from illness, spending copious amounts of money on specialists, therapists and medicine and getting nowhere, Megan decided to take her health into her own hands. Through a couple of years of being her own living case study and experiment, she managed to heal herself through eating a wholesome plant-based diet. It was then that she decided she wanted to bring a positive and fundamental change to the way kiwis were eating, and so Little Bird Organics & The Unbakeries was born. Since then she has become a leading wellness expert on the New Zealand food scene, regularly featuring in many publications throughout New Zealand and internationally, including Elle Japan, The Telegraph UK, Viva, Metro, The New Zealand Herald, and recently spoke at TEDx Auckland this year.

Her multifaceted business is a culmination of her passion for organic plant-based wholefoods, of taking ownership of your health and environmental sustainability through a plant-based diet, and her love of great tasting food.