LesserEvil Healthy Brands

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LesserEvil Healthy Brands is a family owned food company. Our mission is to create a better and simpler life for people and the planet. Responsibly sourcing ethical, organic and healthier ingredients we make every effort to be kind to the planet. We manufacture most of own food to support our local communities, control the quality, costs, and safety of the food we produce. We buy local whenever we can to support farmers here in the United States. We use only the best ingredients so you can feel good about what you and your loved ones are eating. We want to minimize our footprint on the planet and maximize how good you feel about our food. LesserEvil will always strive to stay true to this mission and never chose profitability over responsibility. Our products include Buddha Bowl Popcorn, Green Elephant Chips, Super Bites and That’s a Good Cookie.