Julia Toner

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Julia is ambitious and goal focused by nature. Left unchecked these usually positive traits left 25 year old Julia burnt out and dissatisfied. She had completed a Bachelors with Honours in Civil Engineering, a Master’s in Engineering Management, a Pilates Certification, and an Ashtanga Yoga Certification. She had tried working full time as a structural engineer and also tried teaching full time. Both experiences left her physically and emotionally drained trying to live up to her own unrealistic expectations.
She realised that genuine success, control, and strength, comes only as a result of a life lived from the heart and in balance.
Reflecting on both working worlds she decided to create herself an opportunity that would allow her to combine the best aspects of the two worlds. She decided to stop trying to live her life one way or the other. She got an Environmental Engineering job to pay bills, and now runs Tones Yoga and Pilates on the side as a hobby that she loves instead of a way to survive.