Jenna Pacelli

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Jenna Pacelli is a Dharma Yoga Instructor, holistic health coach and healer known for her joyful, devotional and disciplined approach to yoga, healing and spirituality. Jenna’s teachings draw on the depth of the ancient yoga tradition, Vipassana meditation, Integral and bhakti yoga, holistic health, and contemporary psychology. As a teacher, lecturer, and coach, Jenna guides her students and clients to connect with themselves, find their inner strength and joy, and embrace life with passion and an open heart. Through the grace of her teachers, she is able to bring the ancient science of yoga to those seeking Truth in the modern world.

She has been trained at the 800-hour level, the highest level of certification by her teacher, internationally acclaimed Sri Dharma Mittra, one of the last living yoga masters in the West. She has dedicated her life to Self Realization and passing the sacred science of yoga onto her students. A featured Yoga Journal instructor, she shares her teachings both internationally and throughout the United States. Jenna shares her work through classes, private and group coaching, and workshops. She lives and teaches in San Francisco. Learn more about Jenna at

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