I Love Chakra

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I Love Chakra makes beautifully unique hand crafted crystal creations that are designed to restore balance to your chakra system, while keeping you looking stylish. I Love Chakra also provides intuitive readings and education to help you understand your chakra system better, as well as any blockages you may have. So visit their stall at your next Wanderlust Festival for an intuitive reading, and explore their website, ilovechakra.com, to find the unique crystal creation that resonates with you most. Join the tens of thousands of happy clients who have already experienced these powerful crystal malas, necklaces, and bracelets by taking advantage of their special Wanderlust Festival discount of 20% off purchases over US$150.00. Simply enter the Discount Code “Wanderlust” at checkout. Plus, if you sign up to their newsletter you’ll receive a FREE Chakra Balancing Meditation video, featuring the world renowned Sacred Earth Music.