Heather Lynn

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Heather is a multi passionate dreamer and doer who lives and works in gorgeous Bondi, Sydney. She is on a bold mission to empower others to step up to their highest potential without the waffle and whole lot of real. Heather is a yoga teacher and holistic wellness coach that has set up The Luminous Life to inspire everyone to illuminate the body, mind and heart to wake up the soul. She oozes infectious optimism and is a massive life inspirer, keeping it real in a world that often gets lost in the superficial.

She encourages others to embrace their imperfections, honour their journey and step up their bright future. A lover of yoga, an adventurer of life and an epic cupcake baker (yes even yogi’s can indulge sometimes!)

Her belief in the power of yoga to facilitate self love, growth, human connection and community, makes being a Wanderlust Wayfarer such an honour!