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There are three principles that guide what we make and how we make it at Garden of Life: whole food, clean and traceable.

We want the best when it comes to our food – clean, organic and non-GMO. Why would we want anything different for our vitamins and supplements? Whether we’re making a vitamin, a probiotic or a protein powder, we always start with real foods and these foods provide our formulas the power to be their best.

As fanatical as we are over what goes into our products, we are even more obsessed about the things we keep out of them. No GMOs, synthetic ingredients or bioengineered anything. No artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors or chemicals.

We slow it down, grow it in rich, organic non-GMO soil with enough sun, air, water and time for it to be its best. Harvest it when ready. Treat it with care. Turn it into a power-packed nutritious, whole food supplement.

We do it because it’s the only way we know how to deliver on our promise of Empowering Extraordinary Health®. Because to us, Extraordinary Health starts with extraordinary ingredients.

On-site offering: New nutritional bars, vision boards, photo ops