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FRIYA Snacking Drinks

FRIYA are healthy and nutritious Snacking Drinks with basil- and chia-seed that satisfy your appetite.

Due to the puffy seeds that flow in such a FRIYA bottle, the drinks are filling/saturating. They are based on water, do not include added sugar, have a low calorie count and are vegan and gluten-free.

The FRIYA Snacking Drinks come in 3 flavours in handy & colourful bottles and you can enjoy a FRIYA in your busy daily life right away without guilt – when you don’t have time to eat and you don’t want to regret an unhealthy snack just to stop the rumbling of your tummy.


The FRIYA Snacking Drinks are available at Carrefour & Nature Decouvertes shops and Online via Amazon and VitalAbo.We can’t wait to meet you at the Wanderlust Events and take care of your cravings inbetween the run, yoga and meditation session.

Come visit us at our stand for the DIY #FRIYAlust Yogabag Challenge!